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Bug#158947: Installation on new Ibooks

On Sat, Aug 31, 2002 at 11:49:58AM +1000, Kwong Kian Tew wrote:
> Package: installation
> Version: 3.0.23, dated 2002-07-18
> For the installation on my new ibook - 12" 700mhz double USB with S video
> I used the install24-safe command at bootup from installation cd.
> All was fine until the system was restarted and it hanged.
> The bug was found to be in the configuration in the yaboot.conf file.
> Even though install24-safe was used, the yaboot.conf was not updated
> to run vmlinux-2.4.18-newpmac instead of vmlinux.
> So to get debian to boot on my ibook which had the linux partition on
> hda11, I had to add/ change the following lines
> image=hd:11, /boot/vmlinux-2.4.18-newpmac
> append="video=ofonly"
> The second line was added so that the display will work before the
> package for the ATI video drivers are installed. This point was provided
> by some other source, but I can't remember where.
> I had to mount the yaboot.conf in the bootstrap partition manually and
> correct the yaboot.conf there, as I was not able to run ybin from the
> shell in the installation process.

I believe there was some other problem. The conf file points to /vmlinux
because that is a symlink to whatever kernel has been installed.

It should work even if you change it back to 



(which is how I assume it was before).

If not, please get back to us. Otherwise, this bug can be closed.
Thank you for your report.

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