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 TEL. 27 73 234 9108.
 FAX 27 72 486 3248.
 Dear Sir,
I know you will be surprise to receive this email from me,
but please this letter is a request from
 someone in dare need of assistance. I Capt. PAUL DIMANGO from Angola, a personal aide
 to the late Jonas Savimbi of UNITA Angola who was ambushed and killed on Friday 22 of
 February 2002. I got your name and address from a business desk chamber of commerce
 and industry in Johannesburg South Africa. I decided to solicit for your business assistance
 to transfer the sum of US$26. 5 Million (Twenty Six Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars only) from my Boss safe deposit into your personal or company's account.
 Before the death of Jonas Savimbi, I was in charge of overseeing his personal finances and the
 up keep of his family expenses. I have access to most of the money he starched away in a private
 security firm in South Africa. This was made possible because he entrusted me with the authority
 to use my name in depositing these funds, which he realized from the sales of Diamond in Angola.
 This is to avert any suspicion prior to when this money will be used for the purchase of Arms and
 Ammunitions. Before his death I received on his behalf a payment of US$26.5 Million
 (Twenty Six Million Five Hundred Thousand Unites State Dollars ) in cash, which I deposited in
 a vault of private security company here in Johannesburg, South Africa but I deposited the funds
 as Diplomatic Archival Antique? this I did for my security. I am now living in South Africa,
 as a political Asylum seeker because the situation in my country is not safe for me to go back as
 there is bound to be serious power tussle and the fate of UNITA the organization that my late
 Boss was the head before he was killed. I have made up my mind to divert this money and to
 make a living out of it, since my former boss and I are the only people who have the knowledge
 about this last payment. Regulatory law of South Africa does not permit asylum seeker certain
financial rights. In view of this, I cannot invest this fund in South Africa hence I am seeking your
 assistance to move out this money out of South Africa to a foreign country for investment purpose
 which you are going to be the investment manager. For your assistance and effort, I am prepared
to offer you 20% of the total fund while 5% will be set aside for any incidental expenses that will
 be incurred on the course of this transaction and also we are going to donate 5% to the Charity
Organization in your country. Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free as I have made
adequate arrangement with a bank Director here that will assist us in moving out the money
 through a Bank network. The major thing I demand from you is assuring me safety of this money
 when it finally gets to you. Further information and arrangement will commence as soon as trust;
 confidence and good working relationship is established between us. I shall be most grateful if
 you maintain the confidentiality of this matter. Please confirm your interest via above telephone
 and fax numbers. And your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.
 Best regards,

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