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Installer fails whilst finding packages

I have a problem installing Debian Woody onto a generic PC clone.

It has IDE disks, P3, CD-ROM nothing flash.

The CD is:
and I have verified it matches the MD5 checksums listed on the official
site. I checked 10 minutes ago so I'm presuming it's the current image.
It was built with jigdo.
The CD was created on the 25th August 2002, I'm at GMT +10.

I can boot, partition, format my disks etc, then I get to the section
where it selects my install source.

I choose my local cdrom, it finds it, mounts it, i choose /instmnt and
hit enter.

It starts validating packages then gets to 'iptables' and bombs out
Cannot find package iptables

At which point I go round and round in a loop.

I have also tried copying to my server and using an NFS share instead of
the cdrom. My server has a DVD drive I trust. Same problem occurs on the
same package.

Searched the CD. There is an iptables package in:

I had a problem once before where my /var partition was too small, but
in this case it is at 900Mb.

I am about to go try the regular version instead of the NONUS version.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

David N

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