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customized bootcd for IBM Server Raid..need help.

I have been attempting to create a customized bootcd for the IBM x240's
with the IBM Server Raid (ips.o).

I used the netinstall bf2.4 as a template and put my working kernel in the
rescue.bin image and rand rdev.sh. I also made a tarball of my
/lib/modules/2.4.19-pre10 directory and replaced the "modules.tgz" file in
the "drivers.tgz".

My working kernel has all of my hardware specific modules compiled into it
so there is no need to load any hardware modules. I also compiled all the
necessary modules in that are talked about in the rescue.bin readme.txt.

There are 2 problems when I boot off of my newly created cd.

It complains that it cant find any modules in "/lib/modules/2.4.19-pre10/..."
And sure enough, that directory exists, but it is empty! The bf2.4 modules
directory is of course in tact, I presume because it exists in the
root.bin image.
What happened to _my_ modules? I know they exist on the iso image, I
mounted the
image and untarballed the "drivers.tgz" and "modules.tgz"  to double check.

More importantly is the "no disks were found" problem. Switching to tty2 I
the kernel has recognized the raid card and sees the drives. And I can
mount the existing partitions on those drives. Why doesnt debootsrap see
the drives?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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