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Re: boot from cd locks

> > I am trying to install Debian 3 off of CD.  My computer boots from the 
> > CD, and shows me a menu.  I press return to go ahead and install 
> > Debian.  The beer penguin appears and text starts to scroll up my 
> IIRC the beer penguin indicates you are using the idepci or compact
> flavors (linux 2.2 based).  Perhaps you can try the bf2.4 flavor since
> you have newer hardware and the newer kernel may give you better luck.

Yes.  Or the rescue image.  You *need* the 'bf24' image to avoid
lockup on many hardware platforms.  Too bad that was not made the
default.  Next time for sure.  It is bound to be a long time source of
problems for people.

> > Asus K7V Motherboard
> > Athlon 650mhz (slot A)
> > 384MB PC100 memory
> > Diamond Viper 550 (TNT) video card
> > Netgear FA311 10/100 Ethernet card
> > Hollywood Plus MPEG decoder card
> You might try pulling hardware that isn't necessary for the install
> from the box to reduce the chance of conflicts/wierd driver bugs.

Out of that list the only thing I would even think about removing
would be the MPEG card.  You need everything else.  Probably just
booting with the bf24 image using the 2.4 kernel will do it.  I would
start there.


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