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Re: Debian network installation on IBM RS/6000 44P-170 (POWER3) - HOWTO

El mié, 07-08-2002 a las 11:22, German Poo Caaman~o escribió:
> [...]
> > Well, I can boot from the network again. However, this time I boot the
> > image with the 'noinitrd' and 'root' kernel parameters specified.
> In this stage I'm still with problems, so I'm booting my machine
> from the networks only.  I'll appreciate any comments about
> the syntoms:
> 0 > boot disk |
> /pci@fef00000/scsi@c/sd@0,0:-1,/etc/yaboot.conf: Unknown or corrupt
> filesystem
> Can't open config file
> Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.6
> Enter "help" to get some basic usage information
> The partition looks like -1, but I tryed differents ways helped
> by "help" yaboot command without success.
> My /etc/yaboot.conf file looks like:
> boot=/dev/sda1
> device=/pci@fef00000/scsi@c/@0:  # Got by ofpath /dev/sda
> partition=5
> root=/dev/sda5
> timeout=30
> install=/usr/lib/yaboot/yaboot
> nonvram
> image=/vmlinux
> 	label=Linux
> 	read-only
> /vmlinux is the same image used to boot by net that I copied
> before.
> The only differce with your howto belong to my patitioning:
> [...]
> Me root partition is /dev/sda5 and it's a logical partition.
> (I'll try repartitioning to primary partition).

I repartioned the disk and I set /dev/sda3 as primary. After
that, now I can boot from disk. So, the boot device *must*
be primary as a traditionals PC's.

So, now I'm happy with my 7044-170 working with Debian.  The
last stage will be compile a custom kernel and leave the
SuSE kernel.

German Poo Caaman~o
«Hay 10 tipos de personas: las que entienden binario y las que no.»

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