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boot me & testing link?


I am going to try my hand at Debian again -- once installed, my Debian
firewall @ home continues to still serve me well.  I am travelling on
business, and will be trying to install on a ThinkPad R31.  There is very
little info on the web for GNU/Linux install on this model, so it should be
fun.  It will be very cool, if I can get the only entry in the

Anyway, I retrieved to this MSWin box, the cvs of the install manual.  Can't
build it for obvious reasons. As before (about a year ago now, I think), I
will let you know (hope to provide diff) if I have any recommendations.

If there are major differences between the released and testing.  It would
be really great if someone can fix
http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/installmanual as it is currently a
bad link.


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