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unexpected login prompt during installation

am installing from the debian dvd 3.0r0
onto a brand new (empty) machine
amd k7, 256mb, 60gb disk.

have set up partitions, etc. and got
to the first reboot stage.

after this reboot i expected installation
to continue. however i get  login:

unfortunately i have not yet been asked for
root password, or user name/password details

tried booting the rescue system
with root=/dev/hd2 init=/bin/sh

this got me a # prompt

i then type 'passwd'

enter my root password twice, and got
'Authentication token maniputulation error' !

adduser david did not work either at this stage,
as couldn't exec either 'groupadd' or 'groupdel' !

any ideas ?

dave morgan

UKRA#1243                       SWARM#0029

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