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Bug#156710: BOOT error on new install to Mac Performa 6360 PowerPC

I have visited the netBSD site, and that has lead me
to use the settings below (after running the firmware
commands you listed).

The boot-device setting has me confused - it is an IDE
drive, but most examples are SCSI. I noticed the line 
FF83A798:       /ATA-Disk@0,0
and tried changing boot-device to  
0> setenv boot-device ata/ATA-Disk@0:0
but that still returns a "CLAIM failed" error.

As for the weak OF, I did read that it may need
patching, but with only 1.2g, there is no MacOS
available. I read further that someone can send a text
version of the patch and it can be placed in with an
editor - I'm not sure I'm up to that... is there any
method from within Linux (if/when I ever get there) to
update the firmware?

Thanks for the speedy response,

>From the (reset) open firmware:
0 > dev / ls
FF827B20: /PowerPC,603@0
FF828398: /chosen@0
FF828570: /valkyrie@F1000000
FF8294D0: /memory@0
FF829618: /openprom@0
FF8296D8: /AAPL,ROM@FFC00000
FF8298F0: /options@0
FF829D90: /aliases@0
FF82A020: /packages@0
FF82A0A8:   /deblocker@0,0
FF82A7D0:   /disk-label@0,0
FF82AD48:   /obp-tftp@0,0
FF82CFB8:   /mac-files@0,0
FF82D6C8:   /mac-parts@0,0
FF82DE30:   /aix-boot@0,0
FF82E280:   /fat-files@0,0
FF82F898:   /iso-9660-files@0,0
FF830200:   /xcoff-loader@0,0
FF830AB8:   /terminal-emulator@0,0
FF830B50: /bandit@F2000000
FF831E38:   /ohare@10
FF832278:     /mesh@10000
FF833EA8:       /sd@0,0
FF834A30:       /st@0,0
FF8356A8:     /escc@13000
FF835800:       /ch-a@13020
FF835E40:       /ch-b@13000
FF836480:     /awacs@14000
FF836568:     /swim3@15000
FF837690:     /nvram@60000
FF837760:     /via-cuda@16000
FF8382F0:       /adb@0,0
FF8383E0:         /keyboard@0,0
FF838C08:         /mouse@1,0
FF838EC8:       /pram@0,0
FF838F78:       /rtc@0,0
FF839418:       /power-mgt@0,0
FF8394D8:     /ATA@20000
FF83A798:       /ATA-Disk@0,0
FF83BE90:   /pci106b,1@B
FF83C068:   /pci10ec,8139@D
0 > devalias
pci1                /bandit@F2000000
fd                  /bandit/ohare/swim3
mouse               /bandit/ohare/via-cuda/adb/mouse
ttya                /bandit/ohare/escc/ch-a
ttyb                /bandit/ohare/escc/ch-b
scsi                /bandit/ohare/mesh
scsi-int            /bandit/ohare/mesh
ata                 /bandit/ohare/ATA
ata-int             /bandit/ohare/ATA
screen              /valkyrie
0 > printenv

little-endian?      false               false
real-mode?          false               false
auto-boot?          true                true
diag-switch?        false               false
fcode-debug?        false               false
oem-banner?         false               false
oem-logo?           false               false
use-nvramrc?        false               false
real-base           -1                  -1
real-size           100000              100000
virt-base           -1                  -1
virt-size           100000              100000
load-base           4000                4000
pci-probe-list      -1                  -1
screen-#columns     64                  64
screen-#rows        28                  28
selftest-#megs      0                   0
boot-device         /AAPL,ROM           /AAPL,ROM
diag-device         fd:diags            fd:diags
input-device        ttya                ttya
output-device       ttya                ttya
boot-command        boot                boot
0 > 
#############  These are the settings I placed on the
0 > setenv boot-device ata/ATA-Disk@0:2    ok
0 > setenv boot-file /boot/vmlinux-2.2.20-pmac   ok
0 > setenv input-device kbd  ok
0 > setenv output-device screen  ok
0 > setenv load-base 100000  ok
0 > boot
RESETing to change Configuration!

#######   After rebooting (actually I set input/output
device to ttya and rebooted a second time to capture
the message)

@Second-stage QUIK loader
Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (woody)boot:
Starting at 0
no active packageopening display
/valkyrie@F1000000DEFAULT CATCH!, code=FFF00700
 at   %SRR0: 0000F088   %SRR1: 00083070

Open Firmware, 2.0
To continue booting the MacOS type:
To continue booting from the default boot device type:
0 > boot CLAIM failed
0 >

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