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Re: Bug#156710: BOOT error on new install to Mac Performa 6360 PowerPC

reassign 156710 boot-floppies

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 01:25:22PM -0700, Al Smith wrote:
> Package: kernel
> Version: 3.0 woody
> Severity: critical 
> The exact and complete text of any error messages
> printed or logged:
> CLAIM failed
> Exactly what you typed or did to demonstrate the
> problem. 
> boot<enter>
> A description of the incorrect behavior:
> Expected a booted system
> Got an error and "ok> " prompt
> Suggested Fix - I've been to all the PPC sites for
> Linux (non of them talk to debian releases!) There are
> suggestions to remove some checking code and
> recompiling the kernel, something to do with a 'strip'
> command, and one for building a smaller kernel. Since
> I used this distribution *because* it claimed 6360's
> were supported, I expected it would work. 
> If it requires a separate development system to
> build/rebuild/compile kernels, that needs to be
> addressed with claims of compatability: "You need
> a development server and experience compiling new
> kernels to make this work with ..."
> The kernel on the Boot-Floppy can boot the system
> without exception. Only drives and a network card have
> been configured as part of the base install. No
> packages were specifically loaded.
> Al Smith
> Would-be Linux user with a few old Mac's
> al_smyth@yahoo.com
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