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Bug#156015: boot-floppies: PCMCIA network device is not configured during install

Package: boot-floppies
Version: +N/A; reported 2002-08-09
Severity: normal

I tried to install "woody" with boot-floppies 3.0.23-2002-05-21 and 
configured PCMCIA and network, but I received the message as follows;

  Your network is configured, but not activated. This may be 
  caused by a broken previous installation attempt, or because 
  you are installing over another installation. It is ok to skip 
  this step if you dou not need to use the network for the rest 
  of the instllation, since your network will become active 
  after reboot (assuming it is setup properly).

and I can't use network-install at "Install the Base System".

I think this results from ifconfig and route not being called owing to
'has_pcmcia' flag in activate_static_network() in
utilities/dbootstrap/netconfig.c .

--- netconfig.c.bak 2002-03-05 22:30:31.000000000 +0900
+++ netconfig.c 2002-08-08 00:48:01.000000000 +0900
@@ -757,7 +757,7 @@
     ret = execlog("/sbin/ifconfig lo", LOG_INFO);
-    if (!use_dhcp && !has_pcmcia && (ret==0) && netinterface) {
+    if (!use_dhcp && (ret==0) && netinterface) {
       char cmdline[MAXLINE];
       /* Down the interface to clear old gateways.  */

I think this change will fix the problem.

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux rock 2.4.18 #1 Wed Aug 7 17:36:01 JST 2002 i586 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

 Hidetaka Iwai

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