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Re: d-i udebs up-to-dateness of archive

* Moshe Zadka 

| On 07 Aug 2002, Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> wrote:
| > | grub-installer		n/a[3]		n/a		??
| > | lilo-installer		0.0.1		n/a		yes!
| > 
| > moshez, you do those two packages?  (If you haven't already)
| It would be senseless to upload them before prebaseconfig starts using
| them, and it would be senseless to do the latter before testing it
| actually works.

No, it would be totally sensible.  It's a lot easier to test them
then, and new uploads will be processed, since they'll be out of NEW.

| Unfortunately, I don't have a machine that is well suited to testing
| it. If you test prebaseconfig can work with them, let me know and I
| will upload it.

hmm, I could probably toss them onto a cd and test.

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