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Re: Dells, APIC, ReiserFS, custom boot-floppies and bootable CDs, oh my!

Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 01:54:22PM -0400 wrote:
> If it is not an option to boot from floppy (but install from CD), then
> you'll need to go this route.  The tool for doing this is debian-cd, and the
> mailing list is debian-cd@lists.debian.org.

debian-cd will create a full featured cd with lots of packages on it,
nothing wrong with that suggestion.

You may find it is easier to use the mini-iso script (at least with
the script there's only one small file to read) :

$ apt-get source boot-floppies
$ ls boot-floppies-3.0.23/i386-specials/mini-iso.sh 

Modify the rescue.bin as you described previously and you are good to


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