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Bug#155371: boot-floppies: /dev/cdrom "cannot autodetect" misleading when no media

Package: boot-floppies
Version: woody 3.0r0


In order to reboot, I had to remove the CD from the drive.  Then after
the reboot, during base-config, I get a dialog that says "this program
was unable to auto-detect a CD ROM drive", and it's prompting me for
the CD device.

It turns out that what's really wrong is that there's "no media".  I
can see it print that if I watch very closely at the bottom of the
screen.  You should find a way to probe for media and catch that
mistake, or prompt for them to ensure there's a CD in the drive.

See: http://people.pdxlinux.org/~karlheg/media_event.c

... for a way to do that.

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