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cvs commit to boot-floppies/documentation/en by toff

Repository: boot-floppies/documentation/en
who:        toff
time:       Thu Aug  1 23:09:41 PDT 2002
Log Message:
        ***** NOTE all tags were removed from these entities so that *****
        ***** the pdf versions of the documents would fold URLs      *****
        ***** correctly. The new versions of the entities were       *****
        ***** renamed list-{entity}. The old versions remain at the  *****
        ***** bottom of the file. This enabled non-English langs     *****
        ***** not to break until they get updated.
  Don't be put off by the size of the diff. Most of it is duplicating
  entities in defaults.ent to make life easier. The strategy for
  replacing the tagged versions is:
  1. Where there was a taglist, substitute a sect2 or sect3, or maybe
     just a paragraph.
  2. Where there was an item with several tags, substitute a paragraph
     followed by a list of items. You will have to reverse the order of
     these, so the text comes first in a paragraph, followed by the list
     of items which used to be a list of tags.
  3. Use &list-entity; wherever &entity; was used in a tag list.
  Only preparing.sgml, inst-methods.sgml, and appendix.sgml are affected.
  If you choose, you can ignore this; it will only improve the pdf docs.
  Well, the html docs do look a little better too.

changed:    appendix.sgml inst-methods.sgml preparing.sgml

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