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Re: [d-i] Install floppy

On Fri Aug 02, 2002 at 12:08:21PM +1000, Foo wrote:
> Hi,
> Install floppy only needs these:
> kernel, net modules, initrd with busybox, uClibc

Wonderful!  My only concern is that uClibc does not yet support
all the architectures that Debian supports....  uClibc is not
very hard to port, but I'll certainly need help.  Currently, I
only support alpha, ARM, i386, i960, h8300, m68k, mips/mipsel,
PowerPC, SH, SPARC, and v850.  That leaves out several arches
supported in Woody (ia64, hppa, s390) that will need support.
If you can live with static linking, then the job isn't too bad
at all.

If the plan is to use uClibc shared libraries, then more work
will be needed.  Currently uClibc provides native shared library
support only on x86, arm, powerpc, and mipsel/mips (with partial
support for m68k and sparc).  It is still possible to use uClibc
as a shared library on other arches by using the the Glibc shared
library loader...  A bit bulkier, but it works as a quick fix.
Or we can get native uClibc shared lib support working on all
arches (which would involve more effort).

> When the source is setup (cdrom, eth, hd)
> download into the initrd:
> libc6, parted, parted libs, etc.
> So no second drivers floppy disk is required.
> Also mklibs to reduce libs, is not needed.

mklibs can also be used with uClibc...


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