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can't load root.bin floppy, missing floppy controller (idepci and bf2.4 flavors)

specifically this is on a IDE based PC

the rescue.bin (for flavors bf2.4 and idepci) results in the message

unknown IDE controller on PCI has 00 device f9, VID=8086, DID=244b

also mentioned is the fact that non floppy controller is seen. 

When it prompts me to put in the root.bin floppy this results

	request_module[block-major-2]: Root fs not mounted
	VFS: Cannot not open root device 02:00

Should I be using a different flavor or is the bios doing something
weird. NOte that the system has windows2000 Pro installed on it.


Floppy FD-M1448W
MB	   NC-AS-P4T-E-W0A, some kind asus board? Not sure any of these codes are
meaningful. Perhaps they're just par tof the store internal code. 

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