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Bug#154788: boot-floppies,www.debian.org: release notes give incorrect advice to ssh users, and attempt to subvert the package maintainer

Chris Tillman writes:

[snip - robster, you can read all in the original bug report]

 > This idea was originally added to the potato release notes in
 > 7/24/2000 by joy (CVS revision 1.47).  I guess it would have been
 > better for you to review them earlier, it's just been carried forward
 > ever since.
At that time, I was very busy elsewhere, and since someone else had
volunteered to write the ssh bit, I'd (apparantly naively) assumed
that they'd write it in a plausible manner.
 > robster@debian.org is your contact.

Right. robster: can this be rectified ASAP, please? All that is
necessary is the removal of the offending paragraph.



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