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Re: Problem with net install of Woody

Le Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:49:51 +0200, "Michael R. Schwarzbach" <spg@fs.tum.de> a écrit :

> Hi,
> some weeks ago, I had the same problem, and started a discusssion on
> this problem. I wrote some patches and instructions on how to install
> woody via network(tftp) on 1386. I installed several machines using this
> method now. The patches submitted are not in bootfloppies yet, because
> they aren't verified by some external testers. I'll send you a short
> instruction on how to install woody.
> ......
> here now the short instructions:
> - download the linux.bin and the according root.bin from images-1.44
> - install the debian-package "mknbi"
> - run "mknbi-linux --output=<tftpimage.raw> kernel.bin root.bin
> - run "imggen" from LTSP: "imggen -a tftpimage.raw tftpimage.3com
> - let dhcp serv the image "tftpboot.3com"
> - have fun installng woody via network
> .
> Regards,
> Michael

	Hello Michael,

  I've finally found another way to install the Debian Woody on my PC via the network,
using the PXE protocol (with syslinux package...), but I'm interested in the first
way and I tried your instructions ; I've built a raw tftimage with mknbi like :

mknbi-linux --output=tftpimage.compact.raw --ip=dhcp \
            ../linux.compact.bin ../root.compact.bin

[ I've put the --ip option after looking at the mknbi-linux' man page, but it's useless in my case... ]

and prepared it for MBA with :

imggen -a tftpimage.compact.raw tftpimage.compact.3com

When I boot on LAN, the DHCP find the IP address, then uses TFTP to load 
the boot image 'tftpimage.compact.3com', and then it fails with the following message :

mknbi-1.2-7/first32.c (GPL)
Bad argument
Error: Bad Base Code image

I've tried to look at the source of mknbi, but I didn't find any clue,
as I don't know how it works...

 	If you have an idea...


Frédéric Boiteux  -  Calistel

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