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Re: Helping a port?

"Aneesh Kumar K.V" <aneesh.kumar@digital.com> writes:

> Is there any document that explaining how to start hacking.  I
> checked out the code from and I found many design.txt and other .txt
> files that is really helpful. What i am looking for is a document
> that explain how to build and test the debian installer on i386
> machine. Is the document already there in the CVS ?

Currently, it is a bit cumbersome, because cdebconf is being redone,
which causes binary incompatibility and forces you to rebuild the
modules yourself until fixed modules are uploaded into the archive.
Hopefully, this won't happen any more, though no promises.

Step-by-step instruction for i386 only:

- check of the d-i sources from CVS
- build cdebconf (cd tools/cdebconf ; dpkg-buildpackage)
- install libcdebconf0 and libcdebconf-dev in the host system.
- build the different modules by cd-ing into them and building using
- link those new udebs into build/localudebs
- run make demo or make boot_floppy in build/

You will need sudo access or be root to do this.

This will give you a network-enabled installer, if you'd rather want a
cdrom installer, run make TYPE=cdrom or TYPE=cdrom144.

This will break on every arch but i386; any help fixing this is very
much appreciated.  Hope this helps a bit. :)

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