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System Halded


Had used Debian 3.0  Bin 1  CD  from 19 July the final release from download
iso image.

Start installation at the boot prompt via F1 choose 2.4 kernel and ext3 file
system everything looks nice.
Of course making a boot floppy, boots fine.

The problem I have is that booting with loadlin from a small  Dos partition
the system hangs

message:                   Uncompressing Linux............
                                Invalid compressed format  ERR=1
                                -- SYSTEM HALTED

Also with a initrd.img without any results

message:                    Uncompressing Linux
                                  Ran out of input data
                                 --SYSTEM HALTED

Use Loadlin for many years with small and big kernels without any problem.

Maybe it's a problem with the new EXT3 file system ???

many thanks

Rijn Ducardus   ;-(                  rduca@cistron.nl

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