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Re: Graphical installer

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> [Bob Proulx]
> > Finally the CD package distribution is not so nice yet.  I often see
> > people say that CD #1 is all that 99% of the population needs.  But
> > having done a CD installation in the last week I disagree.
> Currently making my own Debian-based distribution, I agree on this
> one.  But this has improved a lot in the last few months.  Did you try
> to raise your voice on the debian-cd mailing list, where this is being
> addressed?

Well, I have only been using Debian for a few weeks.  Possibly for as
long as three months now among doing other things.  I first subscribed
to the list four to six weeks ago.  Usually it is polite to make a
best attempt to learn how things are done before one comes in
suggesting sweeping changes.  :-)  But I subscribed specifically so I
could become more involved with the debian cd process.

When was it being addressed?  If it was more than a short time ago I
missed the discussion.  (It is always September on the net these days.
Sorry about that.)  And note that I am trying not to be overly
critical, just pointing out points for improvement.  I mean it as
constructive criticism.

I see much more that I like about Debian than what I don't like.  I
have Debian running full time on a number of systems, I can't count
them all but in the double digits, and plan to have more.  Since I am
doing a fair number of installations right now I am seeing the issues
with the CDs and installs quite often.  I would love to help improve

Since I have been using Debian I have seen the big push to get Woody
out the door.  Although it is always nice to get absolutely everything
perfect before a release it is also true that things are never
perfect.  Somes it is better and necessary to say enough is enough,
for now, and to push things out as they are to a release.  That is
exactly what woody needed.  It needed to be released.  A good job to
all who helped with that.  Further improvements can go in the next

But I have been using unix/linux systems for many years and consider
myself well versed there.  I try to contribute where I can.  Expect to
see me with suggestions.


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