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Bug#153282: mklibs: Don't impose constraints on what my cross tools are called

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 15:40, David Kimdon wrote:
> At present when using mklibs in a cross build setup my tools need to be
> called something like /path/to/tool/bin/prefix-gcc.  Sometimes the tools I
> want to use are /path/to/tool/bin/gcc.  mklibs shouldn't force me to
> have a '-' in the tool name.  The included patch fixes it.
> BTW, it might make more sense to have this option --prefix rather than
> --target, though this is a minor issue.

I think the theory with this is that you say "--target=mips-linux", or
whatever, the same way you would when compiling GCC.  So long as you
have mips-linux-gcc in your PATH, everything will then "just work".

With your patch, it looks like users would have to say
"--target=mips-linux-" to get the same effect.  I think people are going
to find this behaviour unexpected and confusing.


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