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Re: [d-i] debconf, partitioning widget?

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 10:14:36PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> Philip Blundell wrote on Tue Jul 16, 2002 um 09:03:29PM:
> > Ah, I just noticed that there is already a newt-based parted frontend
> > (nparted), which will do for "dialog" mode.  The standard parted should
> > suffice for "readline" mode; I think it should be easy enough to put
> I tested nparted. Buggy like hell.

It was when I looked too, but that was some time ago.  I started work on
something I called cparted a while ago, which was a cfdisk-like front end
to parted.  It doesn't yet support all the flashy features of parted
(partition moving, resizing), but it has the advantage that it is a
familiar interface.

Current status is that it can handle msdos and gpt table creation, and
partition creation and deletion.  Tested only on ia64.  Not touched it
since March, but I can certainly make the code available.


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