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Re: Graphical installer

> and does bring up my REALTEK network card. Is there another installer
> Could you post details of this problem to the pgi-users mailing list?

After a few tries, I happened to read the eth0 screen carefully, and 
everything went fine. Here are some remarks :

1) File systems should also include ReiserFS and ext3. Under Mandrake, I 
always used ReiserFS without experiencing a problem. ReiserFS or ext3 are 
absolute needs, therefore I will try wgi_beta.

2) The eth0 screen should enable eth0 by default with previous network values. 
Many users (who think they know how to install Linux) will fail because they 
did not read carefully). Furthermore, 99% of users have network cards... so 
why not enable eth0 by default?

3) The installation stops if the network information is not correct (for 
example, gateway). In case of error, the user should be able to go back. This 
is big advantage of Mandrake installer which enables to go back wherever.

4) The installer is using a QWERTY keyboard and I have an AZERTY keyboard.

Otherwize, the installer works perfectly. I would like to contribute, where 
can I check out sources from CVS?


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