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Re: hungarian translation isn't included on i386 bootfloppies

Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 11:34:26AM +0200 wrote:
> Hello!
> I uploaded new dbootstrap and f keys hungarian translation to the cvs,
> but the hu language isn't included here:
>     ifeq ($(architecture),i386)
>             export langs_root := en pt de fr ja es
>     else

That line is the line for translations on the floppy disks, only a few
can fit.  There has been much discussion as to the languages that
should be there.  Is there really room for one more?

Above that is:

langs           := C ca cs da de eo es fi fr gl hr hu it ja ko pl pt ru sk sv tr zh_TW

This is all the languages that will be available on the CD.  There are
no space problems on the CD.  If looks like hu is already there.


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