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[bootdisk] bootdisk with support for Adaptec ATA Raid 2400A


I'm not that experienced with Debian yet. I'm looking for a way to get an
Adaptec ATA Raid 2400A to work with Debian. I want to install the O.S. on
the hdd's on the Raid controller, so I guess I need some boot floppy that
supplies the support for the controller. The module I need is called:
I tried installing Debian on a separete hdd (/dev/hdb). I recompiled the
kernel with dpt_i2o support and now the Raid controller shows in dmesg, but
I ain't able yet to mount the hdd's. (don't know with devices they can be,
it's not /dev/hda)

can you please help me?

The Netherlands 

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