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/sbin/termwrap : file not found

Hi, I have a Dell Optiplex GXPro, on which I wish to install potato. But the BIOS does not support booting from cd-rom, so I went to the debian installation manual and created a floppy for rescue.bin, another for root.bin, and another for driver.bin. I used the compact flavour, and I installed base from the first of my three potato cd-roms. The installation went well, until I was asked to reboot. During the reboot I got the standard messages (I have installed potato many times before), until the part where the network superserver is started (...starting network superserver: inetd).
Then, I got the following error message:
/sbin/termwrap    file not found
exec: /sbin/termwrap    file not found
After ten or twelve attempts, the following
ID '1' respawning too quickly: deactivating for five minutes.
Sure enough, after five minutes the /sbin/termwrap    file not found messages appeared again.
I re-installed four times, rebooted from floppy, etc, but the same message appeared. I went ALT F2, and there was a boot prompt! So I logged in as root, no password yet, and had a look around the file system, but I couldn't find this "termwrap" anywhere. I did a apt-get upgrade from my cd-roms, but the only thing to change was debconf-tiny. So, I come to you. Any clues, help, etc, greatly appreciated

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