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Woody install problem


 after couple of recent linux installs i had to face a
minor problem with the installation procedure.
Using the woody disks to install a system, I used ftp
download for base packages.
When it is done it provides the choice of using
tasksel, dselect or neither of them.
Unfortunately with tasksel and dselect it is
impossible to finish the installation properly in the
default case because apt is configured to use the
"stable" link on the servers which points to the
potato distribution.
Of course it results problems unsolvable dependencies
since installing the selected packages in some cases
would require to remove the installed base system.

I would not consider it as a big problem since the
manual workaround is quite easy, but it could be quite
annoying for newbies.

Is it a problem simply with the apt config in the
install package, or just the link has been changed on
the servers too early before woody actually would hit
the stable state ? 

Yours sincerely,

 Peter Kozar

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