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Re: BiDi and RTL

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Arash Zeini <kde@linuxiran.org> wrote:

> I am not sure about this. I am copying one of the developers of freebidi to 
> have his statement.


> I am asking these questions since we are considering to (possibly) base a new 
> distribution on Debian.

I am interested in that too, since it would mean easier installation in
Hebrew, too. However, besides looking this over and giving some pointers,
I don't have time to do anything about i18n, sadly :(

> In that case we might be 
> able to do something.

Debian always welcomes new contributions.

> So it is essential for us to see if the 'standard' installation procedure 
> would support BiDi and RTL, and in case the answer is no, if it can be 
> elevated to a higher degree of importance for the Debian project. Another 
> important point would be to have a timeframe in which this could be realized.

The timeframe is, as always, up to the people interested and willing to
do work. Since you seem to be the first person interested in these issues,
I'd bet you are the most likely to be able to do the work. Please check out
what we have so far (see cvs.debian.org: you want the debian-boot CVS root,
and the debian-installer project). cdebconf is in tools/.

To work against freebidi, I think the sanest thing is to
a) generate a freebidi udeb
b) have cdebconf produce two udebs: cdebconf and cdebconf-bidi, the later
   linked against freebidi (and depending on the udeb)

I doubt anyone has that on his plate, but if you produce high-quality
patches, they have (I think) a good chance of getting in.

> If I am missing a relevant person from the Debian project, who would be 
> interested and responsible for these questions, please forward my email to 
> them.

Well, everyone who is working on debian-installer should be reading this
list. If you are interested in post-installation configuration, you should
probably be looking at adding these features to debconf as well. I do not
know if freebidi has a Perl interface, but if it is, it should probably
be used in debconf.

If you think of writing debconf patches, I'd suggest talking to the
debconf maintainer (debconf@packages.debian.org) first to see what he thinks
of this (for example, whether he thinks this belongs as an integral part,
or as an alternative solution, or whatever).

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