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Re: Old rescue.bin i386 w/2.2.18pre21???

Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 07:05:05AM -0500 wrote:
> I have an old stable box that seems to have a whacked bios and will not
> boot from hdd after a power failure ... it's built with an old 2.2
> version that used 2.2.18pre21 as the kernel.  I don't seem to have
> rescue.bin for that version laying around ... yes I know i should, and
> know where it is, but I don't.
> It will boot with a rescue disk but obviously I get lots of module
> errors and the best I can say is it'll boot, not really run.  So I'd
> like to find the correct rescue.bin version.
> Anyone have one? ... Is there an archive of old versions (that google
> can't find:))?
> This is an *old* box with no CD drive (or easy way to put one in, so
> lnx-bbc or other full featured CD rescue isn't really an option short of
> yanking the drive and putting it in another box ... I really need the
> right rescue.bin to do this the easy way.

I don't know of an anchive where a 2.2.18pre21 kernel can be found,
though a work-around is this:

   boot with the rescue.bin that gives you all the modules errors.
   You will then have access to the /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.18pre21 that you
   need.  Now replace the kernel on the rescue disk as described in :
   Now you should be able to boot with that modified rescue.bin and the module
   symbols on your hard driver will be correct.


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