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[patch] Updating documentation/pt/welcome.sgml translation

Hi all,

After a long time, I'm starting working on updating translations again.
Here's my first patch which will pit welcome.sgml brazilian portuguese
translation up-to-date with its english counterpart. Chnagelog should
say :

* Update welcome.sgml from 1.32 to 1.34.

Could someone apply please ? No tags were changed, only some text so
it's not likely to break anything.

||  Andre Luis Lopes                   andrelop@ig.com.br               ||
||  Debian-BR Project                  http://debian-br.cipsga.org.br   ||
||  Personal Web Site                  http://www.utah.com.br/~andrelop ||      
||  Public GPG KeyID                   9D1B82F6                         ||
||  Keyserver                          wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net               ||

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