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Bug#148509: install-doc: broken links in main index files

Package: install-doc
Version: N/A; reported 2002-05-29
Severity: important


when browsing documentation at
links to Release Notes are broken.  This document has not be generated.

I have no idea whether links to Release Notes from translated index will
be right.

When translated index will be installed, they will contain broken
links to Installation Manual's translations, since they should be
../xx/install.xx.html instead of xx/install.xx.html.  I just committed
fixes, but am not sure it won't break.

These translated index should also contain a link to the English
version of Installation Manual, translators did not provide it
because it is not in index.en.html.m4
It would really be helpful if layout for installed documentation was
put in any README-*.


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