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Re: b-f 3.0.23 powerpc-apus lot of joy but still some issues

Hi Eduard

Thank you very much for your speedy answer!!

> #include <hallo.h>
> Andreas Wüst wrote on Mon May 27, 2002 um 07:29:21PM:
>> be now, woody got finally freezed, and everything is pointing to
>> stable. So after the base installation, tasksel obviously gets its
>> packages from the potato directories and doesn't succeed to configure
>> it all correctly. Is this really like this? At least the sources file
>> points to stable.
> So hope that Woody be released soon, then the apt paths do work as
> expected.

I'm full of hope since at least one year.. ;) Should I really wait??

>> So how should I proceed to do a proper install? Should I change the
>> sources file manually, and when? After starting tasksel? And how?
> Login on the second console as root and run 
> "editor /etc/apt/sources.list" ;)

Surprise surprise!!

>> Should I just substitute every "stable" by "testing"? Or do I have to
>> await final release, and it's just a bad point in time to now install
>> woody?
> Better substitute with "woody" for the next time.

Alright. But when's the optimal point-in-time during base-config?

>> Another problem occured: as I am on a lan but without an always-on
>> connection, it's not been the case that the network was up when the
>> system booted on its own power for the first time, so the boot process
>> hung when configuring the network. Afterwards I wasn't able to bring
>> up the interface to connect, I had to reboot. What do I have to do to
>> bring up ethernet (a dhcp server is giving me my ip, aswell as all the
>> other stuff like gateway, dns server...)? I
> If you did setup the interface with DHCP while installing, and the DHCP
> server is up, you will get working network. When init hangs, there is a
> wrong default (gateway) route, set by you manually or broken DHCP
> server, or your gateway is down.

Yes, the dhcp server was down when I booted the machine, so it couldn't find a
single computer on the network. But I did not know how to bring up eth0 after
boot had completed.

>> couldn't find a script which I could have run manually.. (sorry but I
>> am kinda newbie in this sector).
> ifdown eth0
> ifup eth0

Cool!! I always thought it has to be something like this but was obviously
looking in the wrong places for it (I found a lot of interesting stuff but not
this.. Murphys law..)

> and read "man interfaces"

Thanks a lot!! Always tried with "man network". No luck..

Well, thanks again for your instructive answer, all the best,

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