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b-f 3.0.23 powerpc-apus lot of joy but still some issues


Yes, I am back to the game and just tried the latest b-f 3.0.23 from
dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/apus/. The first part worked flawlessly
out-of-the-box, apart from some typos in english and german translations, but
I think I could send in a diff when I finally managed to install woody.

Yeah, that's where the trouble begun. I haven't been reading any lists in the
last few weeks so I may not be up-to-date, but a search in the archive did not
bring anything to the (not so bright anymore) daylight. As the situation seems to
be now, woody got finally freezed, and everything is pointing to stable. So after
the base installation, tasksel obviously gets its packages from the potato directories
and doesn't succeed to configure it all correctly. Is this really like this? At
least the sources file points to stable.

So how should I proceed to do a proper install? Should I change the sources file
manually, and when? After starting tasksel? And how? Should I just substitute
every "stable" by "testing"? Or do I have to await final release, and it's
just a bad point in time to now install woody?

Another problem occured: as I am on a lan but without an
always-on connection, it's not been the case that the network was up when the
system booted on its own power for the first time, so the boot process hung when
configuring the network. Afterwards I wasn't able to bring up the interface to
connect, I had to reboot. What do I have to do to bring up ethernet (a dhcp server
is giving me my ip, aswell as all the other stuff like gateway, dns server...)? I
couldn't find a script which I could have run manually.. (sorry but I am kinda newbie
in this sector).

So, may it be a good idea to make a statement in the install guide in "The
Moment of Truth" section, that one has to have the local network as well as
the dhcp server up during boot, otherwise proceeding with a net install won't
be possible, as the network is geting configured during boot time (as always I
would volunteer to do the wording)? I think this would be quite useful,
especially for newbies, as the output of tasksel is not really helpful
("something wicked happened during resolving http://...";).

Best wishes,

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