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Load kernel - unable to mount Rescue Floppy

I have managed to successfully dd the bf2.4 rescue.bin to a floppy and I've
replaced linux.bin with my own compiled kernel (having run rdev.sh). 

This rescue floppy successfully boots and allows me to format and partition
my hard drive. I've also been able to setup networking.

But, as soon as I try to "Install the Kernel & Driver Modules", the
installer is unable to mount the floppy. This happens when I try to mount
the rescue.bin from floppy, cdrom and even via http (it manages to download
rescue.bin and drivers.tgz, but then states that it cannot mount the file).

Even going to command line and trying to mount a floppy fails.

The error I get is " Mounting /dev/fd0 on /floppy failed: Invalid Argument "

I suspect I'm missing something very obvious but I've tried a number of
different approaches and nothing seems to work.

Really appreciate any guidance, as I've been hitting my head against this
for a couple of days now.

Rgds, David

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