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Bug#147640: boot-floppies: network card 3C905C does not work under flavour bf24

severity 147640 normal
tags 147640 + moreinfo unreproducible

> The network card 3C905C does not work if I use the CDROM installation

What does this mean? Load the module and you can go ahead.

> from ISO (Mai 14 2002), with flavour bf24, but if I create the 2

There are no official ISOs. If you are reporting a bug in one, tell us
the source and more details: bfs version, mastering date, etc.

> floppies with flavour bd2.4 it works.

Exactly. Think again - this is boot-floppies, and the current bfs code
works for you, so please bother the creator of your CDs.

> The module name is 3c59x

Boomerang series? Reported as working fine.

Live from d.c.o.u.l.m:
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Hmm, du hast soeben die Welt sehr sehr eingeschränkt. Glücklicherweise
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