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[patch] Finnish charset


in the source package of the boot-floppies I found a question that can be
partially answered (in file "config")...

# what about: fi ja ko ?  do they need to have charsets?

LATIN1 should also work fine for Finnish, nothing special here except for

Index: config
RCS file: /cvs/debian-boot/boot-floppies/config,v
retrieving revision 1.157
diff -u -r1.157 config
--- config	2002/05/07 19:49:38	1.157
+++ config	2002/05/20 20:10:08
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@

 # languages that use Latin-1 charset with accentuation, tilde, etc
-LATIN1		:= ca de es fr gl pt it
+LATIN1		:= ca de es fi fr gl pt it
 # languages that use Latin-2 charset
 LATIN2		:= cs hr hu pl sk
 # languages that use Latin-3 charset
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@
 LATIN5		:= tr
 # languages that use KOI8-R charset
 KOI8-R		:= ru
-# what about: fi ja ko ?  do they need to have charsets?
+# what about: ja ko ?  do they need to have charsets?

 # Set the KBD variable if you want that installation question to be skipped.
 # Use KBD := qwerty/us for US English keyboard, azerty/fr-latin0 (fr_FR with



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