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trouble with LILO (no multi-boot function)

Problems with LILO...

Installing Debian (potato kernel2.2 v6)
for the first time, I went ahead and put LILO in 
the MBR, assuming this would give me the convenience 
of choosing which OS to boot, as did the modified
of LILO that ships with Mandrake.

Here are my partitions for reference:

/dev/hda1    FAT32
/dev/hda5    Linux swap
/dev/hda6    Linux
/dev/hda7    Linux
/dev/hda8    Linux swap
/dev/hda9    Linux

Debian resides on hda5 and hda6, and Mandrake on those
hda7 is the boot partition for Mandrake.

Unforntunately, I assumed wrong.  I did mount my other

partitions, Windows and Mandrake, and the files are 
accessible through Debian. I also reinstalled Debian
and chose not to install LILO to the MBR which did
I thought - it left a 'confused' LILO in the MBR.  So
when I boot from the hard drive, the following appears
on the 

LILO Loading ...

LILO Loading ...

And nothing after that.  No big problem there, though,
I can boot from the boot floppy.

I would like to boot into windows or mandrake.  Of
the simplest thing would be to install Mandrake over
placing Mandrake's version of LILO in the MBR and then
reinstalling Debian, this time not messing with the
MBR and
choosing to boot from a floppy.  I do not know what
kind of 
effect this will have, however, and would like to
avoid the
trouble of a double reinstallation, if at all

Is there any way for me to just install Mandrake's
LILO into 
the MBR as the system is now, or make some
modifications to
Debian's LILO to allow me to choose which OS to boot?

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