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[Q] Regarding files for 68k Mac Debian install

This may not be the correct mailing list for this
question, but I thought I would start here before I
went to the 68k port mailing list.  I'm trying to
solve a install problem that I am having.  I'm not
sure how other installs work, but on my 68k Mac
there's a file called macinstall.tgz.  Inside are the

images-1.44  <a folder>

Of these, I know the following

1) root.bin is a compressed binary of a ramdisk image
of a root file system.  The installer must be pointed
to this to boot.  I have uncompressed it and mounted
it on another linux install. Compressed the image is
1,303,755 bytes.

2) linux.bin is a compressed linux kernel

3) the others files  are rather self-explanatory

Here's my question.  Inside the folder image-1.44 are
the following files:

Each is 1,474,560 bytes.  I know that root.bin is also
a compressed image of a root filesystem.  (Oddly, when
I decompress and mount it, it mounts as the same size
as the previous root.bin mounted ramdisk, even though
they both are compressed to different sizes.)

My question is about rescue.bin and driver.bin.  Since
they are the same size as the root.bin, I assumed that
they are also compressed images that I could mount as
ramdisks.  But I haven't managed to do so.  gunzip
does not recognize them, even with gunzip -S .bin.

So what's inside these files? how were they made? and
is it possible to get inside of them?

Many thanks for the info,

W. Crowshaw

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