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Re: Woody installation on IBM 44P-170 - really close

> > It'll be great if you can write up the steps required to get here.
> Well, I was not planning to get into this yet, but since you brought up the
> subject of documentation, here it comes.
> I am soon going on vacation. I will be back June 13th. Then I plan to
> submit bugs or post to the various Debian news groups where I will document
> issues, suggestions, solutions, etc (if still unresolved), such as:
> - It appears that powerpc Woody will be released with kernel 2.2 and not
> 2.4. I suspect that there is limited support for IBM CHRP/PREP systems in
> the 2.2 kernel. I will investigate and document this.
> - Apparently there is a bug in the version of glibc that Debian is using,
> which will prevent Debian from running the 64 bit kernel on the IBM CHRP
> systems. I will investigate and document this.
> - Document requires patches for IBM CHRP/PREP systems.
> - I am uncertain whether Debian has determined how to create bootable CDs
> for IBM CHRP/PREP systems. I will investigate and document this.
> - I will document how to perform an HTTP/FTP and NFS install on IBM
> CHRP/PREP systems (after I figure it out).
> - I will write up and submit README files for
> 'ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/' that will
> make things clearer for non-kernel/non-install hackers, like myself (see
> below).
> - Help out document how to create kernels and combined install/rescue
> images for the various IBM CHRP/PREP systems that can be place in the
> directory mentioned above.
> - I will continuously document the IBM CHRP/PREP systems where I have been
> able to successfully install Debian. I have access to pretty much all the
> various RS6000/pSeries systems.

This sounds great! I'm happy to convert words into sgml if you'd like.

> I do not think that 'rescue.bin' contains a kernel. I believe it is only
> the rescue root image. The reason I assume this, is because it is the same
> size as the 'root.bin' file. When I created the combined install root/boot
> image, I renamed 'root.bin' to 'ramdisk.image.gz' and copied it to the '
> /usr/src/linux/arch/ppc/boot/images' directory, and then ran a 'make
> zImage.initrd'.
> I go the clue from the 'powermac' subdirectory. There you will find the
> following symbolic link:
> ramdisk.image.gz -> images-1.44/root.bin

Yes, that's true, but rescue.bin is different. It's the kernel, gzipped
and written to a floppy image.

> The 'http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/'
> directories could benefit from having a lot more README files. I will
> document this and submit bugs or forward it to the mailing Debian powerpc
> mailing list.


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