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base-config cycling

I'm finding that the base-config script is cycling on me.  I'm using
base from http.us.debian.org and bf2.4.  The machine is a toshiba
laptop.  Now, I did see a recent message about a problem but it
appears that that user failed to recognize the problem with the video
frame-buffer driver.

For me, it asks for the timezone, the password configurations, and
then cycles back to tbe beginning when it loads the keymap.  I'm
suspecting that one of the scripts is returning an error code.  So, I
removed the ones I know had run and then tried again.  Still cycling.
Then I removed the pcmcia script.  Still cycling.  Then I removed pon.
Still cycling, but this time I get complaints that apt doesn't have
any package files to download.

I'm happy to help debug this, but I'm not sure where to look. 

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