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Re: Floppy install via NFS

> Hey gang,
> I am trying to install Potato on an extra machine via
NFS. I've double
> checked that NFS is working on the server by mounting
it from another
> RH box. No problem. debootstrap fails, reporting
"invalid argument". So I
> go to a shell and enter the mount command by hand:
> mount -t nfs /instmnt
> mount reports a failure: invalid argument
> Tailing the log on server shows that it authenticates
the client with no
> errors.
> Anyone else jump this hurdle?

I found out that I had to manually create a floppy with
a /boot populated with necessary modules, In my case
3c509.o, sunrpc.o, lockd.o and nfs.o.

The install then went on but it Oopsed a bit later. I
mailed this list twice today about exactly this. Oh
btw, this was for the newest woody floppies, I also
tried potato ones, but that one just didnt get any
further than what it did for you, I think

John Bäckstrand

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