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Ive been trying to install debian on a diskless
computer. Idea was to install TO a nfs-root, fetching
debian itself from http or ftp. Is this possible at
all? Ive seen some (very) faint indications that this
could be possible.

Ive been using the latest woody-floppies as of today
(2002-04-06). First, I receive a lot of "can not find
modules.dep" error messages when I boot the floppys,
and the manual also says (regarding pre-loading

"Extract the kernel and modules for the flavor that you
want to install with...
  a..      su
     tar -zxvf
     tar -zxvf modules.tgz
     less lib/modules/2.4.18-bf2.4/modules.dep

  a.. Read the modules.dep file, locate the modules
that you are looking for, and note their dependencies.
Note the order in which the modules depend on each
other. Do the same for each dependency, unless you have
a list of modules that can be loaded without

The modules.dep isnt in the drivers.tgz or modules.tgz,
Im afraid, and this seems to correspond to what its
echoing on the screen when I boot. This doesnt seem
fatal though. Is this a mistake or is the documentation
somehow out of synch or erronous? A wild guess is that
I could generate the modules.dep file by chrooting to
the mounted boot-floppy, but Im not 100% as of how to
do it.

I then tried to just copy 3c509.o to a /boot on a
floppy, I was hoping it had no dependencies. That did

Just a comment, from a users-perspective: using the
potato disks was much easier, I then only had to use 2
floppys, root and boot. Now I have (?) to use a
self-made disk with a choosen module. I can understand
if the 3c509 modules was taken off of the root.bin, but
why isnt it enough to just pop a driver-X disk into the
drive and hit enter? Is this for loading drivers at a
later stage?

John Bäckstrand

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