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Bug#145469: [woody] installer went into infinite loop after rebooted

This also occurs on powerpc (new-powerpc on ibook) using this
afternoon's Woody bootfloppies.  Scripts from /tmp/base-config.$$/ are
failing in association with db_* calls.  After disabling a couple by
inserting "exit 0" at the beginning, I switched 50tasksel to be run with
bash -x, yielding this (transcribing from another machine, typos are
probably mine):

[ various evals as the db_*() methods are loaded ]
+ db_title 'Debian System Configuration'
+ echo 'TITLE Debian System Configuration'
+ local 'IFS=
+ local _LINE
+ read -r _LINE
+ RET=0
+ return 0
+ '[' -x /usr/bin/tasksel ']'
+ db_fset base-config/run-tasksel seen false
+ echo 'FSET base-config/run-tasksel' seen false
+ local 'IFS=
+ local _LINE
+ read -r _LINE
+ RET=base-config/run-tasksel doesn't exist
+ return 0
[ base-config loops back to the beginning ]

Assuming that the "base-config/run-tasksel" is trying to invoke a script
somewhere, I looked for base-config dirs on the filesystem.  Ignoring
one each in /usr/share/doc and /usr/share/lintian/overrides, there's a
/usr/share/base-config and /usr/lib/base-config.  /usr/lib/base-config
contains copies of the scripts found in /tmp/base-config.$$/.
/usr/share/base-config/ contains only a file Mirrors.masterlist.

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