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Re: I've just found an infinite loop in the Woody bf2.4 1.44MB install disks!

I am getting the same error as Adam Warner, trying to install woody on
a laptop with the same floppy images as him.  Noticed that 30pon
(called by base-config) exits with code 10, forced a "exit 0" in it,
then 50tasksel also returned code 10... Sorry for having no time now
to dig a little deeper.

I did succeed installing woody on the same laptop last April 25 (had
to repeat it today because of a dead hard disk), with the same floopy
images.  Maybe the bug is in the new (1.33.17) base-config? Or
something else in the base packages changed since April 25?  These
were installed via HTTP from ftp.fr.debian.org, earlier today.

In case this may be relevant: on the previous successful installation,
I had only one (/) partition.  Now I have separate partitions for
/, /tmp, /var, /home and /boot.

Best regards
                     J Esteves

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