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Installing Woody in an I2O controller - part II

First, thanks to Eduard Bloch and Chris Tillman, for the tips.

I had done some progress with this controller. The default bf2.4 flavour 
doesn't work with this controller, because the i2o and the scsi support are 
built-in on the kernel. Then I had to use my own kernel with these functions 

I used the root image from Blade's page. 

This root filesystem, doesn't have the /dev/i2o tree, then i had to create it 
by hand with mknod again.

Let's see what i did:

1st. Boot with the rescue disk with a custom kernel
2nd. Use the Blade's root disk
3rd. Configure the keyboard
4th. Create the /dev/i2o tree and its devices (/dev/i2o/hda and its 
5th. Load the modules from a modules disk. The modules must be loaded in this 
order: scsi_mod, sd_mod, i2o_pci, i2o_core, i2o_block, and alternatively the 
NIC module (eepro100 in my case).
6th. Fdisk on /dev/i2o/hda
7th. mke2fs on /dev/i2o/hda1 and mkswap and swap on on /dev/i2o/hda2
8th. configure the network
9th. mount /dev/i2o/hda1 on /target
10th. Install kernel & driver modules from network (i don't know why, but it 
install a 2.2 flavour)
11st. Install the base system (yes, it install)
12nd. Make a boot floppy, the installer can't make the system bootable.
13rd. Reboot the system with the floppy.
14th. It fails, because can't find a root fs (i tried tell it with 
root=/dev/i2o/hda1 in the kernell command line)

That's it. I don't get it running yet, but i think i'm almost there.

Any sugestion?

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