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Re: problem generating PDF output for large DebianDoc docs


I solved the problem for Woody by changing the way the ISO character entities
are supported in LaTeX resulting in less memory usage so we don't run in the
pool size limitation.  I'll revisit this whole stuff in woody+1.

Another problem fixed is that for Italian docs with the 'tilde' character (and
for some reason a Spanish doc had problems with the 'circumflex' character so
that is fixed too).

Another thing worth mentioning is that I changed the fonts to 'Palatino' and
'Helvetica' to improve readability of the PDF and PS docs.

As far as I know there're no further problems holding up Woody (at least from
my perspective :-).  I'll uplaod the new version with the urgency set to 'high'.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://people.debian.org/~ardo
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