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creating disk sets for each language

today I spent some time tring to modify the Makefile in order to produce
a directory relase-$(LINGUA) for each languages.

Basically, the patch will clean the environment, build the documentation
and then build a complete set of disks for a particular language, disabling
LANGUAGE_CHOOSER and all the utf8 stuff.

The ouput is then moved in release-$(LINGUA)

Now I would like to discuss how to move all that release-$(LINGUA)
directories in the arhive disks-$(arch) directory.

I would also like to know if someone could modify my patch in order to
work also for non i386 architectures.

Any comments is well appreciated,
--- Makefile	Sat Apr 20 16:23:31 2002
+++ Makefile.new	Sat Apr 20 15:58:01 2002
@@ -242,6 +242,32 @@
+.PHONY: release-all
+ifeq ($(architecture),alpha)
+	./release.sh $(architecture) $(debname) $(debianversion) $(alpha_arches)	
+ifeq ($(architecture),sparc)
+	./release.sh $(architecture) $(debname) $(debianversion) $(generic_rootdisk_no_wildcard)
+ifeq ($(architecture),arm)
+	TOOLS_DIR=$(tools_dir) arm_arches="$(arm_arches)" arm_arches_tftp="$(arm_arches_tftp)" arm_arches_nfsroot="$(arm_arches_nfsroot)" arm_arches_rootbin="$(arm_arches_rootbin)" arm_arches_linux="$(arm_arches_linux)" ./release.sh $(architecture) $(debname) $(debianversion)
+	make USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER=false LC=false docs
+	for language in ca cs da de eo es fi fr gl hr hu it pl pt ru sk sv tr;\
+		do \
+		[ -d release-$$language ] && rm -fr release-$$language; \
+		rm -f *.bin *.tgz sys_map*.gz config*.gz linux* modcont* core   \
+        		root*.tar.gz *.img *.tmp *.o *.iso  xlp.tgz; \
+		make LINGUA=$$language USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER=false LC=false build; \
+		TOOLS_DIR=$(tools_dir) ./release.sh $(architecture) $(debname) $(debianversion); \
+		mv release release-$$language; \
+	done
 .PHONY: umount
 	-for d in ${tmpdir}/boot-floppies/mnt.*; do umount $$d; done;

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