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Bug#142881: Partition scheme, suggestion

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0.23
Severity: normal

In Section 6.4, partitioning is discussed  (In CVS version:


1. root partition size
Root partition size of 100MB is old information.  New 2.4
precompiled kernels are big due to many modules.  If one
want to have back-up version on the disk, requires root partition to be
over 100MB.  I suggest bumping number to 200MB and separate this
information in default.ent or somewhere.

2. /usr partition size
For /usr, it can be over 3GB these days with GNOME.  Of course
/usr/local is the first thing to be moved away but moving /usr/share
seems to be most effective to keep /usr partition small like 2GB.

3. request to make some short summary
I think <list> description is getting too long on this matter and
including some summary table as follows (please adjust disk size) shall
be quite useful.

--- x8 SNIP START ---
 /          == (/ + /boot + /bin + /sbin)
            == Minimum   50MB, For 2.4 kernels, spare 200MB
 /tmp       == Minimum   20MB, Typical 200+MB
 /var       == Minimum  100MB, Typical 500+MB (Workstation)
            == Optional   2GB -   4GB         (Mail server, etc.)
 /home      == Typical   10MB - 100MB, for each user
 /usr       == Typical  300MB              (console terminal only)
            == Typical  700MB              (minimum X system)
            == Minimum    2GB, Typical 4GB (with GNOME and KDE)
(/usr/local == Optional 100MB)
(/usr/share == Optional   2GB, for GNOME and KDE)

--- x8 SNIP END ---

Last reminder: spell check for "seperate"->"separate"
+  Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> @ Cupertino, CA USA         +

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